When Opportunity Knocks, We Answer

Greens Global is focused exclusively on actively managing the acquisition, development, redevelopment and ownership of self-storage, retail and retail-driven mixed-use properties on the West Coast. Our acquisition targets are neighborhood storage facilities and commercial properties in in-fill, primary markets as well as value-add opportunities in emerging markets. In addition, we also acquire surplus real estate from retailers and functionally obsolete regional malls in need of repositioning.

We do not take a “one size fits all” approach to its investment strategy.  We work on each investment to create an individualized structure that best meets the needs of that business and the objectives of its stakeholders. Our more than fifty years of investment experience are as diverse as the companies with which we partner.

We invest in properties to which we can add value, whether through leasing (below-market leases, vacancy lease-up, improving tenancy on rollover), rebranding, or significant physical redevelopment. Our access to pre-committed, fully discretionary capital and our highly-experienced team allow us to act on opportunities quickly. Our reputation and track record provide certainty of closure for sellers.


Opportunistic – Focuses on acquiring, developing and improving properties in metropolitan communities for stabilization and disposition.  We utilize this on distressed properties with an opportunity for development and/or re-development.  The asset is usually repositioned, marketed heavily, brought to stabilization, and then held long-term or disposed after stabilization.

Value-Add – Focuses on acquiring and improving properties in metropolitan communities for long-term investment.  We focus on making solving critical issues such as deferred maintenance, lack of capital improvements, and operational failures.  Capital is spent up front with an expected return after value is added.

Stabilized –  Focuses on acquiring and managing well-positioned and operating properties in metropolitan communities for long-term investment.  We generally strive to maintain or stabilize in-place revenue while seeking out and increase efficiencies to generate long-term, steady cash flow in areas that have been targetted for growth.